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Using Commercial Window Films Could Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

commercial window film

Over the past few decades, the emphasis on concern and care for the environment has increased significantly. In the past, people would live as they wanted to without any concern for the environment. In recent times, this attitude has been undergoing a transformation. People have become aware of how their consumeristic lifestyles have led to the production of increased levels of waste.

This waste invariably ends up contaminating the surroundings. In addition, people often do not realise that the materials they discard inevitably came from some raw materials. These raw materials will never be inexhaustible. So, the more people use and dispose of goods indiscriminately, the greater the strain they place on the depleting natural sources in the environment.

Not surprisingly, this awareness has made many people acutely aware of their carbon footprint. In an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, people have begun adopting measures to reduce the waste they generate and to reuse or recycle it.

Numerous ways abound for people interested in living environmentally-friendly lifestyles. Similarly, households and business entities can adopt various means to minimise their carbon footprint. One of the simplest ways by which owners of residential and commercial properties can lower their carbon footprint lies in installing commercial window films or ceramic window tints.

These window tints can:

  • Minimise the Energy or Power You Consume: Research has shown a significant reduction in a building’s energy consumption after the installation of commercial window films. Window tints help in keeping the heat indoors in winters. They minimise the heat loss that usually takes place in regular windows. Thus, the occupants of the building will not need to turn up their HVAC units to stay warm indoors, thereby lowering their power consumption and bills.
  • Improve the Energy Efficiency of the Building: Window tints do not merely prevent heat from escaping outdoors. They also prevent the transfer of heat indoors. Commercial window films reflect the sun’s rays in summers. Thus, they enhance the efficiency of the air conditioners because the windows no longer absorb the external heat. Instead, tinted windows ensure that they ‘bounce’ the external heat off them, which keeps the indoors much cooler.
  • Reduce Your Dependency on Artificial Light: Commercial window films help in reducing the glare from the sun. So, you will be able to keep the curtains open throughout the day without experiencing any distracting glares. Commercial window films also come with a superb reflective coating. This coating yields enhanced levels of privacy for the occupants of a building. So, people outside the building will not be able to see anything through the windows. This means that the occupants of the building can keep the curtains open throughout the day and night.
  • Increase the Lifespan of Your HVAC Units: As mentioned earlier, window tints reduce the transfer of heat between the indoors and the outdoors. Thus, you will not use your HVAC units as intensively as you would if you did not have tinted windows. As a result, your heating and cooling units will last for longer. Moreover, ultraviolet radiation can damage various electronic appliances as well. With tinted windows, even these appliances will have longer lifespans.
  • Minimise Damage and Reduce Waste: Commercial window films such as those used by 3M car window tinting companies can block the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. These rays that enter buildings through the windows can damage your flooring, carpets, furniture, artwork, curtains etc. Window tints can not only protect these objects from fading or damage. It can minimise the waste you produce by protecting these objects well.

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