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Is Installing Ceramic Window Tint On the Car Worth It?

Window tints are essential accessories that make using a car bearable during the summer. While air conditioning may help reduce the heat, there are instances when a car tint is necessary to beat the heat. When it comes to car window tinting, Rosebery has several shops offering their services. There are several options when it comes to window tints, and one of these options is ceramic window tint.

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic film offers the highest quality window tint in the market. It does not contain any metallic dye or carbon material. Instead, this material is made of ceramic material that does not conduct. When it ceramic window tinting, Alexandria has several shops offering installation services. Due to the material, it is also the most expensive type of window tint. This makes car owners ask if it is cost-effective to install this material on the car.

Protection against UV Rays

Ceramic tint offers the best protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is capable of rejecting around 99 percent of UV rays. Since overexposure to UV rays can cause cancer, this material can help reduce the risk of contracting cancer.

Infrared Blocking

Infrared light is a type of light that is not visible. While it is not visible, it can cause interior temperatures to rise. Ceramic tint can block over 90 percent of infrared light, which reduces the temperature of a car’s interior.

Glare Reduction

The technology used for the ceramic window tint allows it to considerably reduce the amount of glare caused by a typical window tint. The material is capable of reducing glare by nearly 60 percent.  There are several shops offering installation services for car window tinting Rosebery drivers can consider.

Durability and Privacy

Ceramic window tint is more durable compared to other types of tints. They do not tend to fade over time. In comparison, other types of films can fade after several years. Due to this, the occupants will have the privacy they need while driving around. Some shops offering services installing ceramic window tint Alexandria drivers can consider.

Cellular Signal Stability

Since the ceramic material is non-metallic and is not conductive, it does not interfere with the cellular signal of a mobile phone. This allows car owners to avoid issues when it comes to making or receiving calls with the phones.


One major advantage of ceramic tint is its shatterproof properties. Glass shards will not shatter when the window is damaged due to an accident. Instead, they will stay in place. This makes the tint a safer option compared to other types.

After taking a look at the advantages or benefits of ceramic tints, it is essential to consider any possible disadvantages of using the material.


The only known disadvantage is cost. It is more expensive compared to other types of tint. Due to this, it is important for car owners to avoid accidents that will damage the window. While they will remain safe in the event of an accident, they will have to deal with the cost of replacing the window along with the installation of ceramic window tinting on the vehicle.

But there are several car window tinting Rosebery-based shops offering installation services. This allows car owners to look for the best deal they can get in the area. If they are unable to find a suitable deal, car owners can also check ceramic window tint Alexandria-based shops offering similar services.

With all the benefits of using ceramic window tint, vehicle owners may want to consider using this material to protect them from the heat during the summer. It also shows that it is worth it to install this type of tint on the car.

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4 Factors to Consider When Getting Window Tinting In Alexandria

Car windows tinting is a great option for people who want privacy in their vehicles. There are a number of benefits these tinting solutions offer aside from the privacy factor. These include increased glass durability, and UV protection, among others. But you’ll need to fine a trusted specialist to get the darkest legal tint done on your car’s windows.

So, knowing the laws regulating car window tinting is important. Otherwise you could get an illegal tint and pay a hefty fine. As one of the most trustworthy experts for car window tinting in Alexandria, our experts have listed some of the most important tinting laws. Let’s take a look:


Important Laws Regarding Car Windows Tinting

Know the Standard Tint Limits

There is a standard tinting limit that is applicable across Australia. This standard model is use for 3M car windows tinting as well as tinting of other brands. Now, the usual process is that windshields get no tinting whatsoever. You can get a max 35% tint on the front side, 20% tint on the backside and 20% tint on the rear.

Vehicle Design Codes

Aside from the tint saturation itself, you also need to worry about the vehicle design codes. There are certain vehicles which allow car windows tinting above 35%. These include light good vehicles under 3.5 tonnes, medium goods vehicles between 3.5 to 12 tonnes, heavy goods vehicles over 12 tonnes. Also, the light Omnibus below 5.0 tonnes with 10 or less seats and heavy omnibus over 5.0 tonnes with 10 or more seating get the exception.


Despite the common or similar laws in different Australian territories, the laws do differ. If you are entering a new territory then you should check out the laws of that region. Contacting the local law bodies or the Department of Transport or Main Roads is a good solution.


Just as the laws differ with each territory so do the fines. The car windows tinting you get needs to be in line with the law. Otherwise, penalties might be applicable. The standard model we gave above is fairly accurate. However, you should check the ideal tint saturation in different territories. If you have a ceramic window tint which is okay in one state but above the limit in another, you might need a special permit.


Where Can You Get the Best Darkest Legal Tint?

Looking for windows tinting for your car? The Tinting Machine is the leading car and home windows tinting solutions provider in Australia. We offer plenty of options which include the best brands, colours and darkest legal tints.

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window car tinting Sydney

4 Reasons to Get Car Window Tinting Done

If we list the popular automotive modifications, then window car tinting would probably top that list. Getting car windows tinted is a very popular practice among a wide number of vehicle owners. From private vehicles to commercial ones, you can see a lot of vehicles with tinted windows if you really start noticing. If you are wondering what the benefit of getting car window tinting done might be, here is a short list:


4 Benefits You Can Get from Windows Car Tinting



Driving around in a car with non-tinted windows can be a bit unsafe. People can look inside your car and see what you’re doing. Getting your windows tinted is a great way to enhance your privacy. Australian laws allow you to legally tint your vehicles to a certain shade. You can go for lighter tints or 3M car window tinting as well.


UV Protection

A major benefit you can get from tinting your car windows is protection from UV radiation. This kind of tinting is particularly useful for people who are sensitive to light. If you have any person with photophobia or allergies to light, then getting windows tinting in your car and even home windows tinting is a must.


Heat Regulation

Window car tinting has another big benefit in the form of managing heat. Tinted windows let in lesser light and so, they reduce the overall heat trapped inside the vehicle. This can only be great for vehicles with air conditioning but also for those which do not have it.


Protecting Interior Seat Coverings

Interior seat coverings get damaged over time due to exposure to sunlight. Getting car windows tinting is a great way to extend their lifespan since they will not dry up in the sun. Your car stands all day in the open weather and so, protecting its interior with windows tinting is a good idea.


Glass Reinforcement

The final and often unspoken of benefit from getting car windows tinting is glass reinforcement. Adding the tint to your vehicle windows can slightly increase their durability. So, they are better able to withstand any kind of force impact.


Where Can You Get the Best Car Windows Tinting?

Are you looking for top quality windows tinting? The Tinting Machine offers the best quality windows tinting in Australia. We have many different shades, colours and hues. Get your car the ideal tint and also add to its unique personality. We also offer car paint protection services. Contact us now!


Ceramic window Tint Alexandria

3 Things to Remember When Getting Car Windows Tinting Done

Tinting car windows is a popular and sometimes a necessary modification in Sydney. However, it is also regulated by law. Aside from that, you also need to know certain things about car windows tinting in order to get the right job done. If you don’t, then you just might end up replacing a whole window pane to fix the problem. So, here are 3 important tips to help you get the most from your window car tinting in Sydney.


Window Car Tinting Sydney: 3 Essential Tips to Remember!


Know the Law

When most car owners want their windows tinted, they want the darkest legal tint. But you need to know the right tint to get it right. So, ask an experienced car windows tinting expert at a trusted company such as The Tinting Machine before you decide. They will also be able to show you some samples and you can ensure that while tinting windows, your ability to see is not hindered too much.


Know the Price


The price for getting car window tinting in Alexandria varies by several factors. The most important is how many you want it to be done. This also depends on your car type as well as glass type. If you want a particular type of print, then you may have to get replacement glass panes. So, it is best to discuss this over with a 3M car window tinting specialists at The Tinting Machine.


Find Your Rear Window Tint Comfort


Car windows tinting is especially complicated for the rear panel. Even if you have sensor and a camera to guide you while backing up, keeping the tint on that window lighter than others is a good idea. So, you need to find which tint allows you to see properly. This is important since it can save you a lot of trouble and fender dents. Also, consider if you will be driving the vehicle or anyone else may take the wheel as well. The visibility should be right for everyone.


Where Can You Get the Best Windows Tinting Services in Australia?

The Tinting Machine is one of the most trusted in Alexandria for the highest-quality car window tinting services. We can help you find the right shade of tinge to keep your car indoors discreet, comfortable and yet on par with the law. Visit The Tinting Machine now and let our car windows tinting experts advise you on what’s right for you and your budget.

Window Car Tinting Sydney Efforts Work Well For Keeping Your Car Safe

One of the greatest concerns surrounding your vehicle might be from how someone might attempt to break into your car after noticing something on the inside. This could happen even if you don’t have any valuables stored in the middle of your vehicle. The good news is that a windows car tinting Sydney service can help you with tinting these windows around your car, so the space will be safe and less likely to be broken into.

A Darker Appearance

The main point about car tinting or home window tinting is that the effort helps to keep excess light and heat from entering your vehicle. But the best part about getting the darkest legal tint is that the effort will keep the windows dark on the outside.

The windows will appear dark thanks to the added filters and sheets applied in the middle of the glass. These filters will prevent light from entering.

Keep Things Hidden

The most important part of the windows car tinting Sydney effort is that the items inside your vehicle will remain hidden from clear view. The tinting effort will prevent people from being able to look inside because of how dense the window appears.

Good For All People

The most attractive part of the tinting effort is that the darkest legal tint can make it harder for people to see who is inside a vehicle. This is particularly important for limos, hearses, transit vans, party vehicles, and other vehicles that will carry people for special purposes. Keeping what is inside from being visible can be important, especially when people want to keep what is inside the vehicle from being exposed to the public.

You can use a windows car tinting Sydney service to help you with keeping your windows from being easy for people to look inside. You can ask The Tinting Machine for help with getting your windows covered well.

3M Car Window Tinting Helps Sydney Drivers Stay Cool

You might have heard stories about how a 3M car window tinting application can make your car look stylish while also keeping dangerous UVA and UVB rays from entering. But did you know that a service for window car tinting Sydney drivers can utilize can also keep the inside of your car a little cooler?

Keep Solar Energy Out

The primary way how a 3M car window tinting setup will keep your car cool is by preventing solar energy from entering the vehicle. The energy from the sun can move into your car on a bright day. The stress could cause the inside of your vehicle to become hot. Metal seat belts can become uncomfortable. It may be difficult for you to touch your car’s steering wheel as well.

But a window car tinting setup will keep the space inside your car from becoming too hot. Your tint will produce a comfortable guard that will ensure many of the sun’s rays are kept out.

Blocking UV Light Is the Key

One part of why a window car tinting Sydney process is so useful is that the tinting protection will keep UVA and UVB rays from entering your vehicle. These rays can convey much of the solar energy that would enter your vehicle and cause the space to become hot.

How Well Does It Work?

3M estimates that its car tinting setup, particularly the Automotive Film Crystalline Series tint, can reduce the temperature inside your vehicle even when the air conditioning is off. The tinting can lower the temperature by about 26 degrees Celsius or 47 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Safety Note

Although the window tinting feature is designed to keep the inside of your car cool, that does not mean you should keep things inside your car. You must still ensure that everyone traveling with you exits the car after you are finished driving.

You will find that a 3M car window tinting setup will work well when looking to keep your vehicle cool. Ask The Tinting Machine for more information on how such a layout can work for you today.

What Kinds of Services Do Window Tinting Companies Typically Offer?

In Australia, the incidence of developing skin cancer remains quite high. Reports of sunburns and other skin-related issues remain equally high as well. Many Australians love spending their time outdoors. In such situations, using sunscreen lotions remains the only recourse available for these individuals. Sunscreen lotions and ointments can protect the skin from exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Healthcare experts have long cited the harm that arises from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Apart from causing skin damage, these rays can cause cataracts and eye damage as well. However, many people pay scant regard to their exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays in homes, offices and cars. UVA and UVB rays can penetrate the windows and damage your skin. In such cases, utilising the window tint services of companies in Zetland and other places can be your best recourse.


Tinted windows can provide effective levels of protection from ultraviolet radiation. They can reflect the glare of the sun, thereby keeping indoor temperature levels comfortable too.

Not surprisingly, many people across the country have begun tinting the windows of the cars, homes and offices. Finding a reputed tinting company in the vicinity does not present any difficulty. But, you will need to compare the services, quality and prices of these companies before you finalise one. Established tinting companies will usually offer:


  • Residential Window Tinting Services: Of late, an increased number of homeowners have been purchasing or building homes that feature a lot of natural light. It goes without saying that these homes will feature several windows. However, an increase in the number of windows in a home also increases your exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Window tinting companies can help mitigate these risks by installing commercial window films. These tints do not only protect you from ultraviolet rays. They keep the indoor temperature a lot more comfortable too.


  • Window Tinting Services for Commercial Establishments: Many commercial facilities, including storefronts, feature large windows. These windows can make a facility look bright and elegant. But, they can make the frequenters and occupants susceptible to damage from ultraviolet radiation too. Commercial tinting services can block ultraviolet rays from entering indoors. They can play an effective role in keeping the indoor temperature comfortable as well. Among other things, they can reduce the glare from the sun and protect your furniture & artwork from fading.


  • Car Windows Tinting Services: Drivers and passengers in vehicles remain protected from the sun’s heat by virtue of the air conditioners installed in these vehicles. But, the vehicle’s windows continue to leave them exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This undoubtedly renders those who spend long hours driving susceptible to skin damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun can also result in premature ageing, wrinkling of the skin and eye damage as well. With tinted windows, people using their vehicles can feel a lot safer. They will also be able to enjoy a more comfortable drive.

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How Commercial Window Films Can Help Commercial Enterprises Keep Their Overhead Expenses Low

Improving sales and generating profits remain two of the biggest focal areas for business owners. These individuals usually have their hands full with managing their ventures on a daily basis. Promoting the goods or services that the enterprise offers invariably increases the expenses of business owners.

However, no business can hope to increase its customer base without promoting its wares. Only by increasing awareness levels among the target audience can a business increase its sales. Having said that, commercial enterprises can explore leakages in their operational models to minimise expenses. By reducing operational expenses, a business can save money.


For instance, installing commercial window films on the exterior windows, a business could receive various benefits. Some companies also offer window tinting services to homeowners and businesses. Utilising their services could work to the benefit of a commercial establishment. Installing commercial window films in your facility or office could:


  • Save Electricity and Reduce Your Energy Bills:

    The cost of heating and cooling a commercial building can be significant. With commercial window films, you could reduce the amount of power you consume. This could also result in a reduction in your energy bills. In summers, commercial window films will prevent excess sunlight from entering indoors. Hence, your facility will be much cooler. It will not require your air-conditioning units to function excessively to keep the facility cool.Similarly, in winters, the tints on your windows will trap heat and prevent it from escaping outdoors. Thus, the building will remain warm in winters as well. With lower heating and cooling requirements, your energy bills will also be lower. Moreover, commercial window films will also reduce the need to use artificial lights during the day. These films facilitate the entry of natural light, whilst keeping the heat out. So, you will not find yourself using lights for illuminating the facility during the day.


  • Protect Your Furniture and Upholstery

    : When harmful ultraviolet rays enter your facility through the windows, they can cause extensive damage to your office furniture. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation could make your upholstery fade. In addition, this radiation could make your leather furniture dry, thereby causing cracks to appear. Direct exposure to sunlight can damage your carpets, floor mats etc. too. With window tints, you will be able to keep your furniture safe.

  • Avoid the Need to Purchase Custom Window Coverings:

    Commercial buildings will usually be larger than their residential counterparts. Thus, it follows that their windows might have unusual sizes too. Such windows will often require custom-designed window coverings, which will be expensive. In contrast, installing window films on these windows will be much cheaper. At the same time, harnessing the services of a quality windows tinting company could ensure that you get the best value for your money.


  • Reduce Maintenance Expenses:

    Drapes and window blinds can make attractive window treatments. However, they will require regular maintenance and care. This can raise your maintenance expenses significantly as commercial buildings will inevitably feature several windows. In contrast, commercial window films do not require special care or maintenance. Thus, with simple care, they will easily look good for years to come.

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