Our company, The Tinting Machine focuses primarily on providing various types of window tinting services, such as domestic, commercial and automotive window tinting. With over 50 years combined experience amongst our team, we have had the opportunity to work on thousands of vehicles over the years, allowing us to build up significant experience. From old film removal to the installation of new film, we offer our clientele a vast range of films to suit their budgets as well as offering very high quality films, all coming with lifetime warranty.

Our team are experts at installing flat glass film for commercial properties and buildings, such as hotels, cafes & offices as well. Whether it’s for privacy, aesthetics or safety, we can provide the most suitable film to cater for the necessary job requirements. These flat glass services are also offered to those who wish to tint their residential properties for the same reasons.

We have a shop based in Zetland where our customers have the opportunity to drop their vehicles off and collect them at their organised time, making it very convenient for them. We also do lots of ‘on the spot’ services, where retail customers can literally drive in and have their vehicle tinted on the spot while they wait, whereas most places require long wait bookings.

At our shop base, alongside the tinting services, we also offer a range of detailing, paint correction & full vehicle protection services specifically targeted at brand new vehicles…