4 Factors to Consider When Getting Window Tinting In Alexandria

Car windows tinting is a great option for people who want privacy in their vehicles. There are a number of benefits these tinting solutions offer aside from the privacy factor. These include increased glass durability, and UV protection, among others. But you’ll need to fine a trusted specialist to get the darkest legal tint done on your car’s windows.

So, knowing the laws regulating car window tinting is important. Otherwise you could get an illegal tint and pay a hefty fine. As one of the most trustworthy experts for car window tinting in Alexandria, our experts have listed some of the most important tinting laws. Let’s take a look:


Important Laws Regarding Car Windows Tinting

Know the Standard Tint Limits

There is a standard tinting limit that is applicable across Australia. This standard model is use for 3M car windows tinting as well as tinting of other brands. Now, the usual process is that windshields get no tinting whatsoever. You can get a max 35% tint on the front side, 20% tint on the backside and 20% tint on the rear.

Vehicle Design Codes

Aside from the tint saturation itself, you also need to worry about the vehicle design codes. There are certain vehicles which allow car windows tinting above 35%. These include light good vehicles under 3.5 tonnes, medium goods vehicles between 3.5 to 12 tonnes, heavy goods vehicles over 12 tonnes. Also, the light Omnibus below 5.0 tonnes with 10 or less seats and heavy omnibus over 5.0 tonnes with 10 or more seating get the exception.


Despite the common or similar laws in different Australian territories, the laws do differ. If you are entering a new territory then you should check out the laws of that region. Contacting the local law bodies or the Department of Transport or Main Roads is a good solution.


Just as the laws differ with each territory so do the fines. The car windows tinting you get needs to be in line with the law. Otherwise, penalties might be applicable. The standard model we gave above is fairly accurate. However, you should check the ideal tint saturation in different territories. If you have a ceramic window tint which is okay in one state but above the limit in another, you might need a special permit.


Where Can You Get the Best Darkest Legal Tint?

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